Your Viking Ocean Cruise (Personal Tour)

This is a model of the Viking Star Ocean Cruise Liner.

You have probably heard of Viking River Cruises but did you know that they also have ocean cruises?

I had the opportunity to inspect this understated elegant ocean liner while it was docked at the San Diego Port. It was the Viking Star but just F.Y.I, all of these ocean ships are made exactly the same.

They hold 930 guests and are considered a “small ship” compared to some of the massive ocean cruise ships that hold from 2ooo to 6000 passengers.

They are fairly new, built in 2015.

IT WAS IMMACULATE! It was so clean and shiny and just beautiful. When I say understated elegance, (those are their words and rightly so), they mean simple, serene Scandinavian spaces throughout.

Every detail has a purpose. There is a story behind everything they designed! It was quite interesting.

Viking has designed these ships to be very different than your mainstream mega ships. You won’t find an ice skating rink or go cart race track here. There are no children under the age of 18 years allowed. That’s right. None. Zip. Zilch. Nada.

There is a season for everything under the sun but not for kids on Viking Ocean Cruises. What you will find is luxurious spas, reading nooks, game rooms, observation areas, al fresco areas and lots of peaceful atmosphere.

Has this sparked some joy for you yet? It has me! Where do I sign up?

Let’s meander a bit, shall we?

Friendly Viking Ocean Cruise Staff

Let’s say hello to this gentleman. This is the Explorer’s Lounge located on Deck 8. it’s not only a beautiful space to socialize but you will also find a library with books that feature the Scandinavian sailing history, very detailed ship models, voyage maps and if you just want to gaze into the horizon, then you can do that too!



Would you like to have “afternoon tea” in the Wintergarden? This is such a serene area. You see the beautiful trellised wood symbolizes Norse mythology, the “Tree of Life”. You may also enjoy a stringed quartet or witness a tea ceremony.

Immediately next to the Wintergarden is the main pool. It’s heated and the roof is retractable. They’ve designed this so that you can do laps, for wading or just enjoying your favorite beverage poolside. At night, you can stargaze (weather allowing) or enjoy a movie under the stars.

Are you hungry yet? Let’s take a peek at the World Café. Look at that food counter! It’s pristine! I wasn’t the only one that was just so impressed by the cleanliness of the entire ship.

Don’t ask me how I conveniently ended up by the dessert section in the World Café

You can dine indoors or enjoy al fresco dining at the Aquavit Terrace. Either way, you won’t miss any of the views. This is wrapped with windows.

Aquavit Terrace dining on the Viking Star


Infinity Pool on the Viking Star

Your appetite will be satisfied here!

The hot tub and Infinity pool are located near the Aquavit Terrace. I can only imagine what this may look like at night time… But you don’t have to imagine.

Hand washing station on the Viking Star

I wanted to share this detail with you. It’s the hand washing stations that they have throughout the ship. Mainstream ships will have a little hand sanitizer dispenser which they have on here too but look at these fancy hand washing stations….with real cotton towels! I don’t know about you but I really appreciate these details.

Stateroom 6011 on Viking Star


Vanity area in the stateroom
Penthouse Veranda Stateroom on Viking Star
Penthouse Veranda Bathroom on Viking Star

We are now in stateroom number 6011. It’s a Penthouse Veranda, 338 square feet (including the private veranda). Another detail fave is this vanity area. Your stateroom amenities differ depending on the level of service you’ve chosen so be sure to find out what is included with your stateroom.

Manfredi’s Italian Restaurant


Manfredi’s Italian Restaurant

Manfredi’s Italian Restaurant is our next stop. You’ll see black and white photos of well-known Italian movie stars and highly recognizable elite. It’s very classic but not old world like most Italian themes you may be used to.  Next to Manfredi’s is “The Chef’s Table”. This is where you can experience the ultimate in dining with paired tastings, multi courses and detailed descriptions from the chef.

The Kitchen Table on Viking Star


The Kitchen Table on Viking Star

How about eating at “The Kitchen Table”? This is where you can see a live demonstration and enjoy with other fellow diners. Notice that even the tableware is exquisite. I love these clear blue dishes!

Atrium on the Viking Star


Gingerbread house display during Christmas season on the Viking Star

Even during Christmas time, this was the most you see in décor. Viking kept the décor to a minimum yet it was still festive.

Atrium on the Viking Star

The screen at the top of the stairs in the atrium changes so if you use that as a reference when you first get your bearings, it will throw you off.

Geometric Lichen Garden

We came across this lovely geometric lichen garden which is located under the atrium stairs. Apparently is was inspired by the wild lichen of Norway’s Finse Mountain Plateau.

Library on board the Viking Star

This is the Library where you’ll see many reading and conversation areas.

On our way to the spa area, can you tell? You immediately feel the stress just dissipate as you approach the inviting entrance with this welcoming fireplace. Aaaahhhh.

Swimsuit dryer located in the spa

I bet you can’t guess what this is…it’s a swimsuit dryer! How clever is that! No smelly, moldy swimsuits to deal with anymore, not here anyways. Very clever, I think.

Cold plunge pool


Sauna located in the sp

Here is your sauna and cold plunge pool before entering the main spa area. And voila! Spaces of all spaces (to me anyways), the “soothing sanctuary of Nordic wellness”. In addition to the pools, are a steam room across the way from the Snow Grotto and theses beds that are heated.

LivNordic Spa and Wellness Center


Snow Grotto inside the LivNordic Spa Center


Heated stone beds in the LivNordic Spa

I leave this room with this magnificent, all-encompassing rain shower. It has a gazillion shower heads.

Fancy shower in the LivNordic Spa

Be sure to check out the Viking Heritage Museum as well as the art displayed throughout the ship.

Torshavn is a lively music venue where they feature jazz singers or piano players. This is perfect for after dinner entertainment and fun!

There is also an actual theatre where you can watch movies and special entertainment like colorful destination performances, Ted Talks, lectures of interests and the like. You won’t find the typical musical shows that you may see on the mainstream ships though.

Another thing you won’t find on this ship is a casino.

Well, that concludes our fabulous tour of the Viking Ocean Cruise ship, the Viking Star. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.

The way that Viking Ocean cruises is different when it comes to their ship design is the same way that they are different when it comes to what they include in their overall experience. For example, did you know that Viking Ocean Cruises includes one complimentary shore excursion in every port of call?

There are many differences and it may or may not be for you. There’s only one way to find out, call me and we can see together if this is something for you.

If you have any questions or would like more information about Viking Ocean Cruises, please contact me at 480.290.1889 or

Bon voyage,